Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nux is out get it now!!!

So how was the first week? How are all you ‘newbies’ settling down? Put your hands up if you are still battling to register? Uhuh! Don’t worry you still have time to register just stop dilly-dallying and get to it! Ask for help if you are confused, don’t pick a course simply because it sounds easy! Most of us learnt this the hard way. The campus has been busy, orientation happened and apparently it created a few problems with it. Power outages disrupted a few postgraduate registrations and some people are already crumbling under the pressure! But never fear, because NUX is here! Crime has taken the country by storm. We have heard what people in power have to say about it, and we’ve heard various media reports on crime so why not hear what you have to say about it? So our feature for this month is crime, your views on crime and how it has affected you. And ways in which we can combat crime in the country. We also look at various measures taken by people to get the president’s attention on the state of crime in the country. Also visit and see what ordinary South Africans have
to say about the country. Our writers have worked very hard to bring you an issue full of
wondrous student things that will enthrall. However, if you feel that there is any bit of information that we have not given you please feel free to write to us and we will try
our best to bring you that information. You have a voice as a student! You should use that voice.
We at NUX would like to encourage you to write to us about any issues you feel needs to be brought to the attention of the students and staff members alike. In this dynamic institution of African scholarship, we must come together as a community if we are to succeed. I hope you enjoy this issue of NUX and that those of you who celebrate Valentine’s Day had a fantastic day!
So from me, it’s over and out till the next issue. 7th of March, be sure to get it!

Keep on trucking!
Happy Reading!

Michelle Atagana
Editor-in- Chief

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