Friday, November 10, 2006

Mini is missing!!!

Our beloved mini has been kidnapped. he has been taken and his kidnappers have threatened to use him for exam rituals if we(nux) do not release sili the pimp from the goat jail which she was sent to. Sili as you all might remember is the notorious goat that was found guilty of goat trafficking. This whole affair has left us at nux feeling helpless. We have called GPS ( Goat protection services) there is still no word on mini's whereabouts. IF you hear or see anything please please let us know. You can also contact GPS at 555-5630.

MINI we miss you and love you... We promise to find you no matter what.

Issued by the Nux staff


Anonymous said...

I have your goat and I am still waiting for your response.. GPS will not help... SO release Sili or the Mini gets it!

desrie said...

*looks at kidnapper* couldnt you atleast make an effort to get an alias? anonymous is just so boring ... maybe keep mini for a while and it'll inspire you!

Silliscenthsenia said...

me's is beings o.k. but is havings to be eatings rats and my's coat isnt beings washed in 3 weeks, me's is beings so scared.
the goaty jailkeepers let mes out to be writings this leter.
it was beings the first time mes seen light.
mes want u's all to knows mes not a pimp anymore, mes stopped a year ago to bes a goaty astrologer.
please let mes go?
ow! that is beings the 5th time yous hit mes with yours stick.
no mes not wanting to go backs...
noooo...not the tazer!!....