Sunday, August 19, 2007

In April 2003, I walked into the Nux office and joined this paper. In May 2004, I became Writing editor of Nux and in August 2005, I was named Editor-in-Chief. It’s August 2007 and I have come full circle. I can still remember my first article in Nux, I was sixteen years old and I thought it was brilliant. Five years later, I want every copy of that article to be destroyed! I have come a long way from that Monday afternoon in April 2003. I have grown as a writer and as a leader since my stay at Nux. When I look back at my time at Nux, I see great and amazing people. I can say I was here in the time of Rowan O’Neil, the editor who was always around. I was here in the time of Matt le Cordeur, the editor that gave us colour. I was here in the time of Andrew Fairlie, possibly the most amazing computer geek there ever will be. I was here in the time of Donna-Jade Shelver; a brilliant writing editor who showed me constant support, Quraysha Mohamed; who is a never-ending source of strange, Thabani Mkhize; an unstoppable sports editor, Zoe van der Hoven; a materials editor who is always willing to learn; and, dearest Minithenertne who has undergone so many sexual changes in his/her run here at Nux.

I was here at a time of joy and friendship. My time at Nux has not been an easy one; I have dealt with criticism from the student and staff. Through which I believe I have grown to be a better writer, leader and a stronger person. I have also received praise and support from both: members of the student body have shown me great loyalty, which I will forever be grateful for and members of staff have taken concerted interest in my efforts as Editor-in-Chief of Nux. I have constantly said that I do not think I can be a journalist in the world today. I have often felt journalism was compromised. Hence I buried myself in student journalism because it is pure, untainted and liberating. In my time at Nux I have learnt that I am a custodian of conscience and compromised or not I should play my part.

I will always be a Nuxite no matter where I go or what I do, so I hand over this paper that has meant a tremendous amount to me to a formidable team. I have great faith in you guys. Though I am no longer editor of Nux, I am still a writer of Nux. I have come full circle and I would love to just be a writer. So enjoy my last issue as editor, thank you for being an amazing audience and I wish you all the best of luck.

Happy Reading
Keep on Trucking
God Bless.

Kindest regards,
Michelle Atagana
Editor-in-Chief Nux