Monday, March 26, 2007

Nux is out - get it now!

The day begins quite simply like any other, my alarm goes off I look up from the table and its 6am. I have not slept; this has become a regular feature since deciding on a post-graduate study. I have to be at NUX in a few hours, things need to be done, and the paper must get to you on time. So begins my quest of this day that promises to be full of ‘interesting events’.

On my way to NUX I run into a student, who takes up half an hour of my time to tell me what a terrible paper I run and how “a certain columnist” in the paper walks and writes with an air of self-importance that is not deserving “the columnist” and should be fired. I have heard this all before and I feel a certain responsibility to all my writers. I do not mind getting phone calls at 4am in the morning because “the powers that be” are angry with one of them. But when a student attacks the credibility of a writer, I take it personally, after all in every issue I have pleaded on this very page for students to led their voice to the paper and participate more. And with every issue the students disappoint me. So, what do I do? Should I knock at their doors and beat them with sticks until they contribute? Or should I just hold them hostage and pull out their spleens and threaten to sell it? Of course I can’t do any of that, I don’t have that much power, yet. So, one more time dear student, I encourage you to participate more actively in the production our fair paper not just stand on the sidelines and give commentary.

Its cricket time, the cricket world cup has been the buzz these last few weeks and NUX felt the need to follow suit! I personally do not get the game of cricket but I am routing for South Africa. So our feature for this issue is the cricket. We went out there and asked the students how they felt about South Africa’s chances in the world cup. So who’s been watching and do you like what you see?

To the end of the road we come, the first quarter of the academic year is almost over. For ten days you get to be on holiday and then bam! It’s crunch time, the exam will be just around the corner. So use the break wisely, for we all know May is not a pretty month.

So from me, it’s over and out! I will see you when we get back! Happy Easter and take some time to relax.

Keep on trucking!
Happy reading!

Kind Regards
Michelle Atagana

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